Closing the Top The blocks are getting harder to shape as time goes on. From the inside they appear as squares near the ground, and then trapezoids, and now almost triangles, and at some point you would just like to cap the whole thing off. For the last block, you can shape it while it is inside the igloo and then raise it, edge first, through the top hole and lower it into position. It should be too big for the hole at that point and you will want to trim and shape it. But holding a block over your head, while crouching, is not easy, and rarely will the "key stone", fit as you hoped. Still, it locks down all the blocks and you can breath a sigh of relief, your igloo will stand, and you can fill those remaining gaps at your leisure. The newly cut doorway Doorway and Plastering If you brought enough blocks inside the igloo before the wall became too high, or your partner was handing you the blocks, you are now encased in snow, and need to cut a doorway. Usually I run out of blocks in the middle of the third tier and need to cut my doorway earlier. You can put your doorway in any direction, but think about which way the wind is blowing, which way is downhill, or is there a tree next to the igloo. You also want to cut out the door where you are confident in the strength of the wall. Since you will be removing some support, make sure a block from the second tier will not fall in. Now cut away with your most artistic arch. Plastering or caulking the cracks Once outside you want to fill all the cracks between blocks with snow. This is called "caulking" or "plastering". Sometimes the cracks around the cap block are hard to reach and so I will just dump a shovel full of snow on top, and smooth it with the back of the shovel. Back inside there is one last task. Some people building sleeping platforms of snow. The coldest air drops below the platforms. This is easier and more important in big family size igloos then in the one-night seven foot one described here. But where ever you are going to sleep, you want to smooth it out right now. If a broken block, or trimmed edge is allowed to sit for a long time it can get icy and leave a very uneven surface to sleep on. And sleeping in comfort was the point of making this igloo. The completed igloo with the tools used; 2 saws, a trekking pole and a shovel Some people build entrances to block the wind, some fill the door ways with cloth flaps or a snow block. That choice I leave to you. I do recommend a vent and a candle. Igloos, unlike tents, are fireproof. A single candle will make it glow! On the inside, the snow is so reflective that with a single candle you can easily read. Enjoy!

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But when you start letting the ends justify the means, where does the line get drawn? Who gets to decide that they’re being unjustly denied employment opportunities and on what basis? Priscilla, who was involuntarily terminated from six jobs in two years and is convinced that each and every one of her previous managers was out to get her and jealous of her competence? Or Bart, who quit his last job because he didn’t get his vacation request approved, and had incorrectly figured he’d have no problem finding a new one when he got back?. Does this speed training workout sound too easy? Well, believe it or not, you will become dramatically faster - even if you are already a top performer. Your friends, coaches and teammates will be amazed - and you will leave the competition in the dust!

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Firewall: Prevents unauthorized access to or from an outside source such as the Internet or a network. All messages entering or leaving a computer will pass through the firewall, and is examined for content that does not meet the specified security criteria. A firewall is recommended for all users, particularly if a static IP address is used. Keyway Internet Services recommends Zone Lab's ZoneAlarm (free) or Tiny Firewall (trial).. The capping block From inside an igloo